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Silva LR 600RC Work Light


LR600 RC is a modular and flexible headlamp that comes with accessories for different attachment options and a slim 2.0Ah battery. The headlamp can be shifted between the headband and a helmet thanks to the included accessories, and the battery can be attached to the headband with the included battery holder or kept in a pocket with the battery extension cord. This headlamp is the perfect choice for professionals that require a flexible, all-round headlamp.

LR600 RC comes with a slim and lightweight 2.0Ah rechargeable battery. With this battery you get 13 hours burn time on minimum mode, 8 hours on medium mode and 5 hours on maximum mode. The battery is easily attached to your headlamp battery holder. There is also a built-in low battery warning and reserve mode, which automatically adjusts the light to a setting that ensures you can finish your tasks with 30 minutes of guaranteed light.

The LR600 RC is modular, which means that you can shift the headlamp and battery unit between the included accessories and attachments. Five accessories are included in the LR600 RC model:

  • Battery holder to keep the battery in place and for improved comfort when carrying the battery on your headband
  • Helmet bracket designed to fit most helmets with a durable 3M sticker
  • Extension cord to keep the battery in your pocket or in a backpack
  • Cable guides to keep the extension cord in place on your headband
  • A back plate with thick 3M sticker to fit the battery on a helmet

LR600 RC features Silva Intelligent Light® which is a unique combination of a long reach spotlight and a close flood light. This customization of the light results in less head movement and a clear view of near, as well as far, objects and you gain the balance and confidence it takes to move fast and perform better.

The ingenious Silva Flow Light feature takes the light optimization even further by providing seamless tuning of the light pattern by simply tilting the headlamp. A tilt downwards makes the beams wider, and when tilting the headlamp forward, the light reaches longer.

Additional batteries and accessories are available for this headlamp model. By adding more battery options to your headlamp set-up, you can find the right balance between burn time and weight for different tasks and conditions.


3 brightness levels
3 brightness levels
600 lumen
600 lumen
battery holder headband
battery holder headband
battery holder helmet
battery holder helmet
battery indication
battery indication
extension cord
extension cord
Flow light
Flow light
helmet attachment
helmet attachment
Intelligent light
Intelligent light
reserve mode
reserve mode
USB-C rechargeable
USB-C rechargeable
  • 600 True lumen light output.
  • USB-C Rechargeable 2.0Ah lightweight battery
  • Lightweight comfortable fit, thanks to low weight and wide anti-slip headband.
  • Silva Intelligent Light, combining long reach spot light and close flood light.
  • Silva Flow Light, vary the light pattern depending on your activity.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Silva Connection System, enables use of any Silva Li-Ion battery post 2008.
  • 3x attachments for easy adaption to several work challenges.
  • Helmet battery sticker – for placing battery holder on back of work helmet
  • Super-low mode (10 Lumen).
  • Water & dust resistant: The headlamps meets the IPX5 standard.
  • Large on/off button – easy to operate while wearing gloves.


True lumen
Our lumen values are measured 30 seconds after switching the lamp on. We measure lumen according to the ANSI FL1 STANDARD.


SKU 38068
Battery indication 4 step indication // Battery
Battery specification Li-ION 2.0Ah
Charging time 3h
Charging type USB/ Silva charger
Connection plug SILVA connector rectangular
Flash warning Yes
Included accessories Headlamp, Head band, 2.0Ah battery, Battery holder, Extension cord, Rear cable guide, Helmet bracket, Small cable guide, USB charge cable, 3pcs 3M Adhesive, Quick guide
Led type 2 x high power LEDs
Light distance max ft 459.32
Light distance max m 140
Light distance med ft 262.47
Light distance med m 80
Lightmodes Intelligent Light, Flow Light, Max, Med, Min (Flow light ON) // Max, Med, Min (Flow light OFF)
Lumen boost -
Lumen max 600
Lumen med 250
Lumen min 80
Material ABS, PC, TPU, Aluminum
Warranty 2 year
Weight battery g 85
Weight battery oz 2.99
Weight incl battery oz