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Silva 9.9Ah Li-Ion hard Battery pack

Made to withstand tough conditions
Rechargable with a USB cord


The long-distance USB rechargeable battery (9.9 Ah). Out most powerful battery pack with smart velcro attachment that can be attached to the neck plate, belt or bike frame.

The battery meets IPX5 standard: Water resistant; withstands heavy rain and water from any direction. The LED battery indicator ensures that you can keep track of how much power that remains in the battery. The battery is easily charged via a micro USB Cable and has a charging time of 10 hours. Our battery line-up gives you the opportunity to find the right balance between burn time and weight.

The power range covers a wide span of activities, from a small head-mounted battery for a fast run to a powerful pack for a long hike. All rechargeable batteries are equipped with USB charging. The SILVA Connection System enables you to use SILVA Li-Ion battery from 2008 and onwards. If the cable fits, it works.

The colder it gets the less battery capacity. The battery capacity could depend on your body heat as well as the outside temperature. The long extension cord from SILVA gives you the option to carry the battery close to your body. This could be crucial in many ways. Keeping the battery as warm as possible in cold weather extends its burn time


Battery ~ 9.9Ah rechargeable USB

Battery Indicators ~ Yes

Carrying options ~ Belt clip, Bike handlebar, Headband

Charge time ~ 10h

Compatibility ~ Exceed Series, Trail Speed Series, Cross Trail Series

Connector ~ Silva connector

Water resistant ~ Yes, IPX5

Weight ~ 355g