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Acceleritas7 Men's RB9X

Run like a tractor! Acceleritas7 RB9X is the shoe that allows you to run anywhere, anytime. Tight fit, fantastic grip and a hard-to-beat running feeling make Acceleritas the obvious choice for trail running in technical terrain.*(This shoe is a bit smaller than average so please choose a bigger size if you're unsure.)*

It's not by chance that Acceleritas has become the obvious choice for everyone who needs shoes for tough conditions. The outsole is made of Icebug's award-winning rubber compound RB9X, and the pattern takes the same form as a tractor tire, which gives the shoe fantastic grip on dry as well as wet and muddy surfaces. The shoe also has good drainage and a low wet weight, making it perfect for activities such as swimrun and OCR.

For what: trail running, orienteering, swimrun and OCR
Why we made the shoe: A shoe with a low profile, flexible midsole and fantastic grip is a must for all active trail runners and Acceleritas is the obvious choice.

- Minimalist and light
- Low drop and sole profile
- Narrow racing fitting

Category: Footwear, Icebug, Men, RB9X, Running