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Salomon ADV Skin 5 Set

Nautical Blue / EBONY / White

Keep it simple. When the essential items are pared down to a minimum, you don't need a bulky pack. The ADVANCED SKIN 5 SET wraps your essentials around you, front and back, so it's accessible while you're moving. Let your body move and breathe unhindered, so your mind's free to focus on the game. 

Stability and stretch 

Sensifit construction comfortably wraps your body without hindrance or chafing. Thanks to the Sensi Load Lifter, it hugs in the right places and keeps your gear tight and close so you're free to fly. 

Versatile comfort 

A perfect companion for all your light outdoor sports. Because the right fabric is in the right place, it dries quickly and allows your skin to breathe. Areas that could potentially cause chafing have been addressed and made smooth.

Practical minimalism 

It's not a bag, it's a carrying solution. Designed so you can reach everything you need on the go, there's no need to stop to search. Essential hydration is easily accessible at the front. Choose how to distribute the weight to create your own perfect formula. There's a right place for each item. Just stuff, stow, grab and keep moving. 

Hydration solution included - Soft flask