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Salomon AGILE 500 Belt Set

More freedom, more comfort, more miles. The AGILE 500 BELT SET is ideal for long trail runs where agility is paramount, with a stretch fit that lets you move, and easy access to soft hydration flasks and essentials. 

Easily adjusts to any size. Open the end belt buckle, cut to the proper length, and reposition the buckle.

Soft flask included *1 (500ml / 17oz)
Improved soft flask construction with thermo molded top for easier handling. Makes hydrating easier by shrinking as you drink. Max temperature 60°C PVC, Phthalate, Bisphenol free.
1 front expandable pocket.  Built with stretch fabrics, this front pocket gives you quick access to any items you need to access on the go.
Designed with a wide elastic fabric that adapts to your anatomy, secured with a Velcro closure system, this belt fits you precisely and remain stable. Great for women.
A zipped, stretch pocket that holds all your gear and keeps it stable.
Three dimensional mesh provides more ventilation and cushion.
Dimensions (L x W x D  cm) 44 x 13 x 5
Weight including accessories:  166g