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Bliz Hybrid Small


One of our top models that is often used in the highest level of competition. Hybrid is an unbeatable choice for cycling and other demanding outdoor sports. Hybrid has a higher frame, less wind draft and offers top performance. No wonder that Hybrid is one of the top models it its market segments. What you get is a perfect combination of style, comfort and versatility. Hybrid is equipped with Hydro Lens Tech™. An unbreakable lens with high optical quality for clear vision. It also comes with two extra pairs of lenses: one clear lens and one contrast lens which makes you ready for every imaginable weather conditions.

Technical information

• 2 extra lenses, one contrast and one clear (Not Nano Optics)

• Hydro Lens System™

• Adjustable friction rubber nose pad

• Adjustable temple tips in rubber wire core

• Hard protective case with pockets for extra lenses

• Cleaning cloth