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Gold 10 snowshoe 10x33 (Red)


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Gold 10 Backcountry, 10X33, 4Lbs 12Oz. Perform Binding, Red

The Best Backcountry Snowshoes on the World

Backcountry snowshoes for off or on-trail conditions, and for those who make their own path.

The Gold 10 is built for unending exploration where most trails end. Bigger bindings, more traction, more surface area, the Backcountry model accommodates foot sizes 10 to 15 including large volume boots like snowboard or hard-shell tele boots and every other kind of cold weather boot.

The Backcountry Snowshoe model also features a brilliant set of traversing claws in addition to the stainless steel teeth located at the ball, heel, and most uniquely, the climbing toe claw. Everywhere you need traction and nowhere that you don’t.

The moderated tear drop shape of the Backcountry model makes the 32” x 10” dimension feel more maneuverable than traditionally shaped 30” snowshoes and the bindings work in concert with the platform to make every step one of great importance and significance in the pursuit of happiness. What more can be said, but these are the finest backcountry snowshoes you’ll ever own? We suggest you buy them.