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UltrAspire Kinetic Sp13

This is the first performance bottle vest backpack! Finally, those who love bottles can return to them wearing a revolutionary vest! With an emphasis on freedom of movement, form follows function, in this power packed race vest. Also featuring Body Rhythm™ harness, this pack is built from the waist up to retain a low center of gravity for balance and control while animating the pack with motion capability that mimics the movement of a human athlete’s hips and shoulders, as opposing forces in motion. This means the pack moves multi-directionally in tandem with the wearer.

- Large hole microfiber mesh for ultra breathability
- Comes standard with two Human 26 oz / 0.77L finger loop water bottles
- Soft, fully breathable, lite weight mesh hip support featuring bio designed optimum efficiency
- Lite weight adjustable Speed Hook™ attachment
- Low profiled dimensional zippered pouch on each side of waist piece that does not impede natural arm movement
- Quick stash right pocket is large enough to hold a spare bottle or other essentials and it uniformly compresses with cord
- Patent pending Magnon Electrolyte Pocket™ with easy worry free magnet closure
- Light weight zippers pulls easily grabbed even with gloves, cold or numb fingers
- Left mesh pocket over zippered inner pocket for securely stowing night time accessories, energy foods and other necessary gear
- Roomy upper back quick stash with magnetic closure designed like a bicycling jersey for quick and easy access even at full speed
- Ergo aligned and angled bottle holsters allow for ease of access; plus, patent pending Polarity System™ aids in return of bottles to proper position and aids in stability
Weight: 380 grams (600g with bottles)