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UltrAspire LUMEN 100W Wrist Light

The Lumen 100 Wrist Light is a hands free light that will shine on key elements at night or early morning. This running light has an easy to use on/off switch and soft adjustable band that fits on the wrist or back of the hand.

Recommended Use: 
Simple light for hands free lighting. From walking to running, the spot beam lights wherever you point your hand.

· Soft adjustable Velcro band for a custom fit around your wrist or hand
· Single push button “on/off” function
· Spot style light to focus beam on key features
· Aluminum body light for extreme durability
· Water resistant

Fit: Unisex
Wrist Size: 5″-10″
Color option: Pitch Black
Lumen Output: 100
Battery: 1 x AA
Burn Time High: 8 hours
Water Resistance: IPX5