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Mono Winged Edition

The Mono [Moh-No] Winged Edition (Monkey in Spanish) is our do everything, go everywhere adventure sandal. Whether you're hiking, traveling, lounging, camping, running, spelunking, or anything else-ing, this is your go-to footwear.

Our patent pending Wing design allows for the simplest, most secure and intuitive LUNA experience yet! Wings keep your LUNAs securely in place without the use of a tech strap, while maintaining total lace adjustability and optimum comfort. Made of a flexible, smooth and very durable material, Wings are made to move with your foot and stand up to the gnarliest conditions.

LUNA Sandals - Vibram Morflex  LUNA Sandals - Seattle Made

Made in Seattle, USA.
Weight: 5.9 oz (single sandal, men's size 9)
Thickness: 11MM base + 4MM tread height
Sole: Non-Marking Vibram® Morflex Sole
Footbed: MGT (Monkey Grip Technology)
Laces: Performance Laces 2.0 *Patented
Vegan: Yes


LUNA Sandals - City Silhouette


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