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Mountain Flow Bike Lube

Just because you're going to get gnarly doesn't mean that your drivetrain has to. 

  • Plant-Based and Biodegradable
  • 0% Petroleum  (Most chain lube is made from petroleum 🙁)
  • Fast + Smooth
  • Riding Conditions Moderate/Mixed: All Weather - This light oil works great in just about every riding condition and can be used on mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, tri-cycles ... you get the idea.
  • Riding Conditions Moderate to Wet: Wet - This medium-density oil provides excellent, long-lasting lubrication. Significantly reduces drive-train friction for a nice smooth ride. 
  • Riding Conditions Moderate to Dry:
    • Dry - The only non-toxic, non-flammable dry lube on the market! Apply to chain, wipe clean and let dry over a few minutes and you're ready to ride. Works best in dry and dusty conditions.
    • Wax - Wax based bike lubes provide all of the lubrication without any of the mess. Apply like a normal oil-based lube and allow 5 minutes to dry. Once dry, it will be bonded to the drivetrain but it won't collect any dirt or grime. Works best in dry and dusty conditions.  

Even the bottle is eco-friendly! It is made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic.