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Salomon Pulse Handheld

Hydrating should never be hard. That’s why the PULSE handheld is designed to make taking a sip while running easy. Surrounded by lightweight mesh, it molds to your hand and carries a 500ml flask. Stretchy elastic straps keep it secure, even when your grip is relaxed. Grab it and go!

  • Well suited to city runs, a secure zipped pocket keeps your phone, keys, and credit card safe.
  • The mesh elastic construction combined with the soft adjustable strap provides a comfortable and snug fit. For right, left, large and small hands.
  • The 500ml soft flask rests in your hand and collapses as you drink so there’s no sloshing around while you run.

Dimensions (L x W x D in cm)26 x 9 x 9

Volume (liters)0.15

Weight including accessories (grams)110