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Silva USB Charge Adaptor

The USB Charge Adapter turns your Silva headlamp battery into a general purpose power bank. Bring it on your camping trip or hiking adventure along with your headlamp battery and you will always have backup power for your mobile phone or any other device that you charge via USB.

The adapter is compatible with all our headlamp batteries that are using the Silva rectangular connector. Among them you find headlamps in the series Exceed, Cross Trail, Trail Speed and LR series as well as the Headlamp Batteries.

You never know when you need extra battery while on a hiking trip. If you have the USB Charge Adapter in your backpack you are always prepared as long as you have charged your headlamp battery ahead of your adventure.

Fits headlamps in the Exceed, Cross Trail, Trail Speed & LR series.
Fits batteries with the Silva rectangular connector from 2008 and onwards.
No need to carry unnecessary weight
Article number 37839
Compatible with

Headlamp batteries with the Silva Rectangular connector. Among them: the Exceed, Trail Speed and Cross Trail series as well as the 9.9Ah/3.3Ah Hard battery packs and the 2.0Ah Soft battery pack and the all new 2.0Ah (USB-C), 3.5Ah, 7.0Ah and 10.5Ah.

Connection plug

Silva compact connector (rectangular)

Temperature operating range

20°C – +60°C TBC

Storage temperature

-20°C – +35°C TBC