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Split Goggles

Magnetic Quick Change Lens Three, two, one, SWITCH! Split Nano Optics makes lens replacement more fun and now easier than ever. Split Nano Optics has a NANO OPTICS ™ single lens with no refractive error or light refraction. The NANO OPTICS ™ lens combines all the best features of a single lens for superior visibility and clarity. With 100% UV protection. Ventilated frame and 3-layer foam with fleece for maximum comfort in the slopes. Silicone-treated strap with adjustable buckles. OTG customization lets you wear your regular glasses underneath. Bring Split Nano Optics on alpine skiing and free-skiing and enjoy the smoothest lens change ever.


Technical information

• Magnet lens construction for super easy lens changing

• Extra contrast lens included

• 100 % UV protection

• 3 layer foam

• Ventilated Frame

• Strap with silicone to keep your goggles in place over your helmet

• Soft Pouch included