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Sporten XC Skis, Backcountry Expedition

With the SPORTEN Expedition we offer a pair of real touring skis for all terrain. Doesn’t matter to use in deep powder down-hill, hard up-hill passages or in changing terrain – the SPORTEN Expedition are always your partner. The base is equip with steel edge for icy areas, the wide of 90mm and extra long multi-grip zone for deep snow and the stable wood core for bumps.

Please notice that the SPORTEN Expedition are too wide, to ski on prepared tracks and loipes only. We recommend to equip with skate binding (SNS bindings) because of the higher weight regarding to standard nordic-skis. The best fitting binding is the Rottefella Magnum NNN - specially made for this kind of skis. You need backcountry boots as well.

  • Nordic skis for classic style, for touring and expeditions far away from prepared loipes
  • Core: stable wood core, reinforced by fiberglass
  • steel edges
  • bigger multigrip-zone for uphill
  • Sizes: 160cm, 170cm, 180cm, 190cm
  • Ski width: 90 - 70 - 80mm
  • Weight classes: 160cm (58-68kg), 170cm (68-78kg), 180cm (78-88kg), 190cm (88-98kg)
  • color: brown, wood design
  • made in EU