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Silva Trail Runner 4X Headlamp

A wide beam in front of you and a long beam ahead of you
Shows battery status when turned off
Comfortable fit thanks to low weight and wide anti-slip headband.

Is running part of your weekly exercise routine? Or maybe you just enjoy the rush? We get it – and we created Trail Runner 4X for you. With a low weight, comfortable fit and a USB rechargeable battery, it will guide you on any trail, again and again. Ready when you are.

This is a comfortable, lightweight headlamp optimized for dedicated runners. It’s powered by a nimble, USB charged 2.4Ah-battery, placed in a Velcro soft case with multi attachment options. The battery pack also comes with an extension cord, which gives you the possibility to carry the battery in your pocket and saving battery life by keeping it warm. With a unique combination of long reach spot light and close flood light, Trail Runner 4X is the perfect guide on any dark trail. So forget about the darkness and focus on the running.


Battery ~ Yes 1 x Li-Po 2.4Ah

Battery Indicators ~ Green/Red LED

Beam pattern ~ Intelligent Light® – optimized light distribution

Bulb type ~ 2 x semi high power LEDs

Carrying options ~ Headband

Charging method ~ USB

Charging time ~4h

Discharge time ~ Max mode -5°C: 2hr +20 °C: 5h Med mode -5°C: 5hr +20 °C: 10hr: Min mode -5°C: 17hr +20 °C: 18hr

Light distance ~ 75m, 50m, 20m

Light modes ~ Blink, Max, Med, Min

Light output ~ 350 Lumen, 150 Lumen, 50 Lumen

Material ~ Aluminium, PC/ABS, TPU

Water resistant ~ Yes IPX5

Weight ~ 49g, 84g with batteries