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Womens Comfort Cool Bikini Briefs

The innovative properties of BREEZE fabric provide breathability and a refreshing comfort. The discreet underwear is made in seamless technology, which guarantees a perfect fit.
With a unique cooling effect and an ultra soft hand feel, Brubeck's Breeze fabric helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature during / after physical performance and in hot weather.

Fast facts:

  • Cooling effect.
  • Helps maintain a comfortable body temperature during/after physical performance and in hot weather.
  • Facilitates optimal physical performance.
  • Provides efficient ventilation.
  • Anti-allergic and bacteriostatic properties.
  • Odour control.


  • The body temperature is reduced by approximately 1°C with the NILIT breeze® fabric.
  • Use of a special polymer with ceramic component inside creates a soft touch and provides superior ventilation and cooling.

Fabric description:

  • 4-way stretch performance.
  • Layered fabric construction.
  • UV Protection.
  • The cotton-like cross-section adds suppleness and a pleasant feel.
  • A high-drape fabric.
  • Protection against body contact with elastane.
  • Non-iron.

Fabric composition:

96% NILIT breeze® polyamide
4% creora® brand elastane