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Women's Running

VJ Ace - Women's

The Ace is our most cushioned and comfortable star-studded winter running shoe yet. It adds a wider and roomier toe box, a waterproof upper and a modern ETPU midsole material that we call perFOAMance. The toe box is as wide as it looks, and is designed for your thicker winter socks which allows your feet to be comfortable. It will give you the room you need while still keeping you in control. The waterproof upper keeps the water, snow and ice from getting to your feet. This additional protection against the harsh elements helps to ensure you can perform your best.

The Ace is also our first-ever winter running shoe that features an ETPU foam mid-sole - offering more comfort and cushioning. It feels super comfortable when you put it on, and it returns energy with every step. This ensures winter runs on packed snow and ice will be much easier for your feet and less jarring for the rest of you. This midsole material does not harden in the cold, so your shoes are ready to go in all conditions - just like you!

The Superior Contact outsole features star-shaped metal studs that offer superior grip on wet, slippery, snowy and icy conditions. We put 17 studs under each of your feet so you get the traction where you need it. We’ve been making studded shoes for over 40 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about running with studs…

These shoes are so comfortable, you will want winter to stick around so you can keep running in them.

The new ACE winter running shoe offers The Best Grip On The (snowy and icy) Planet!


  1. Upper: Durable onepiece and waterproof
  2. FitLock for midsole stability
  3. Outsole: Superior Contact, 17 carbon steel star studs
  4. Roomy toebox and soft heel