Minotaur Gear List

Mandatory Gear
  • Means to drink and carry water- you will want a reservoir, soft flasks or bottles. Think about how long you will be between aid stations and plan to be able to carry enough water during that section.
  • Toque or a warm head covering- In the likely event that weather changes or an emergency happens, a toque will help keep you warm and/or keep you sane in high winds. Plus they don't flap around like a hood can!
  • Wind/Water resistant jacket with a hood- mountain weather can get really nasty, plus it is often REALLY windy on the Minotaur course so you will probably be using this item!
  • Emergency space blanket- just in case something goes wrong, an emergency blanket will help keep you warm until help arrives.
Recommended/Additional Gear
  • Helmet-there's no way of removing all rock fall hazards in the alpine. An ultra light helmet weighs almost nothing and offers a lot of protection.
  • Trekking gloves-if you trip on sharp rocks, gloves will allow you to use your hands to slow your fall and the gloves will help prevent cuts that might take you out of the race, require first aid or just be painful for the rest of the race.
  • Bear spray-be prepared!
  • Full length pants- in case there's still snow on the course, post-holing in shorts can be painful. Plus in case something goes wrong, pants will keep you warm.
  • Headlamp-if things don't go according to plan and you are out there past dark.
  • Hydration Pack- carry everything you need for the race. Being able to access your gear while moving saves a lot of time and takes away the excuse that you didn't want to eat, drink or shed a layer because you don't want to stop.
  • Sunglasses-protect your eyes in the alpine and pick the right lens for the type of day. Filter category 3 for full sun or filter category 1 or 2 for cloudy days where enhancing contrast is important.
  • Socks- a tight fitting, moisture moving sock will help prevent blisters. Longer cuff heights help keep your ankles from getting cut by sharp rocks and sticks.
  • Gaiters- rocks, sticks and dirt are going to find a way into your shoes. Don't waste time emptying out your shoes in the race.
  • Hat- keep sun off your head and sweat out of your eyes.
  • First Aid Kit- big bandaids, tape, blister kit etc.
  • Satellite Communicator-there isn't cell coverage at many points on the course. Keep your loved ones up to date on where you are during the race.
  • Safety Whistle- alert others if you need help!
  • Sunscreen- apply to all exposed skin before and during you race. There's a lot of UV up there.
  • Anti-Chafe Cream- sometimes chafing can be so painful that it makes you want to quit. Avoid the pain by using anti-chafe cream before you start.
  • Tick/Bug spray-if bugs bug you, try some tick/bug spray it works.
Below are some of our favorite products that we would take on course!