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Atlas Fitness Snowshoes

Why let a few feet of snow stop you from power walking or jogging? With frames shaped to move easily past each other and free-rotating suspensions that allow your joints to move naturally, these snowshoes will have you blazing along the trails.

  • Speed V-Frames maximize flotation while minimizing deck interference.
  • Turned-up V-tails allow an ergonomic gait.
  • Nytex decking stays flexible in the cold, sheds snow, and is abrasion-resistant, light and quiet.
  • Lightweight Wrapp Cruise bindings are comfortable and easy to get into.
  • Light-Ride suspension is lightweight and comfortable, allowing natural joint articulation, and cushioning impact for smoother striding.
  • Tempered steel Twin Trac Toe crampons and light aluminum heel cleats provide traction.
Ideal for
  • General snowshoeing
  • Snowshoe running
Dimensions 8.25 x 22 in.in.
Max recommended load 75-190lb.