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Ortovox 120 Cool Tec MTN Logo TS - Men's

Clay Orange Blend

Athletic mountain activities despite the heat: The 120 COOL TEC MTN LOGO TS for men makes this possible and completes our line of cooling clothing for warm days. 

The 120 COOL TEC MTN LOGO T-SHIRT embodies pure functionality, because the combination of fine merino fibers and botanical Tencel® cellulose fibers is self-cooling, tough and durable thanks to Corespun technology. This is due to a complicated process in which the fine merino and Tencel™ fibers are spun around a core of polyamide filaments. The resulting yarn is used to produce a material that has the same benefits as merino wool and Tencel™, and is even more robust. With a fiber diameter of just 17.5 microns, the merino wool feels particularly soft on the skin. 

The 120 COOL TEC MTN LOGO TS for men is therefore ideal for athletic mountain activities, especially on hot days. 


  • Cooling effect thanks to sustainable natural fibers 
  • Moisture regulating and quick drying 
  • Rugged and long lasting