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Silva Free Lamp Unit 2000

Silva Free Series gives you more light in a smaller, smoother, and more versatile headlamp - all thanks to several innovative features. It’s got all the cables integrated in the headband for a better experience and optimal cooling for higher performance. All packed into the world’s first modular headlamp. The 2000 lumen lamp head unit is the second strongest of three lamp unit in the Free series. The strong light output makes it perfect for most activities, such as trail running, skiing and gravel biking.


  • 2000 lumen light output
  • 3 light modes - from 80 lumen to 2000 lumen
  • Free technology, no cords – no hassle
  • Silva Intelligent light – a unique combination of a long reach spotlight and a close flood light
  • Silva Flow Light - vary the light pattern depending on your activity
  • Air flow technology for optimal cooling
  • Modular technology for easy mix and match of lamp heads and batteries
  • Water resistant – meet IPX5 standard