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Bliz Alpha Helmet


If you need a cool comfort helmet with great performance in almost every environment, whether you're on the open road or your favorite single track in the woods - Alpha is a superior choice.

Developed with input from World Tour athletes, the Bliz Alpha delivers cool, comfortable protection. Its highly ventilated polycarbonate shell is made with a lightweight EPS core and adjustable cradle to wrap and protect your valuable brain securely. Our Max -Airflow Ventilation System alters air flows within and around the helmet based on your speed for better ventilation and cooling without brain-freeze. If you aspire to be a World Tour athlete or just a weekend warrior, the lightweight and highly ventilated Bliz Alpha delivers cool comfort and protection in every terrain and environment.

Technical information

  •  Lightweight: 220g sm
  •  Polycarbonate shell

The Alpha has an outer shell made of polycarbonate for its high impact resistance.

  •  EPS Core

The Bliz Alpha wraps your head in a high impact resistance EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core to best absorb the impact of any unfortunate collisions.

  •  Airflow Ventilation System™

Bliz’s own Airflow Ventilation System was developed using low and high-speed fluid dynamics studies to deliver ideal airflow rates that vary within and around the helmet at every speed. The result is a helmet that delivers pleasant and effective ventilation for increased comfort and safety.

  •  Adjustable strap

The Adjustable ear and chin strap allow for great fit and increased comfort.

  •  2-way size adjustment

You can adjust your helmets wrap to make it smaller or larger. You can also adjust how it wraps your neck up and down for a comfortable and secure fit.