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Atomic Backland Ultimate Black - Unisex


If climbing and endurance touring is your thing, then the Atomic Backland Ultimate is the boot for you. This is a lean and mean boot that’s incredibly light and offers a whopping 80° of cuff rotation. It weighs in at just 788g a boot, making it the lightest touring boot in the Atomic line-up. The robust Free/Lock 3.5 external ski/walk mechanism allows for fast and easy transitions as well as optimized forward lean adjustment between 13° and 15°. When combined with the smooth natural movement of the Frictionless Pivot, it feels like a hiking boot. Bonus? A washable, breathable 3D Platinum Speed liner with Dry Fit Foam uniformly envelopes the foot for a best-in-class first fit, increased downhill performance and greater resistance to packing out. This is the ultimate uphill tool.