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Frontiersman Xtra 1% Bear Spray - 325g

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Bear Spray is proven to be the most effective deterrent to an attack when used correctly.

Why Frontiersman and Sabre are the #1 Trusted Brand by consumers worldwide:

  • Maximum strength allowed in Canada - Guaranteed via in-house lab.  Contains 1% Capsaicin and .84% major Capsaicinoids.  1.84% concentration of Capsaicin and major Capsaicinoids
  • Dual propellant system extends fog pattern giving you greatest distance between you and a bear with industry max 35 foot range (10.5 meters) for 325g bear spray
  • Field tested and proven effective
  • Contains humane ingredients.  Zero ozone depletion potential. Negligible global warming potential
  • HPLC guarantee and ISO 9001:2008 Certification backed by three decades of experience leading the industry 
  • Only manufacturer with an exclusive in-house high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) laboratory, an analytical measurement facility that scientifically guarantees maximum strength, every single time 


  • Locate canister in the dark with glow in the dark safety wedge 
  • 1% Capsaicin (plus .84% major capsaicinoids)
  • Effective range 325g - 10.5 meter range (better coverage due to heavy fog spray pattern)
  • Spray time 325g - 8.2 seconds
  • Non-Flammable formula
  • Dual propellent system reliable to 0°C
  • Weight 325g- 0.45kg (0.99lbs)
  • Canister size 325g: Height- 22.8cm (9") Diameter- 6.35cm (2 1/2")
  • 3-4 year shelf life