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Kodiak Bear Spray Safety Container

Transporting and storing your Bear Spray properly is important to ensuring a canister does not get accidentally discharged. The Kodiak Bear Spray Safety Container protects against accidental impact that could damage or discharge your Bear Spray canister. A staple for companies using bear spray in the field or for anyone looking to ensure safe handling of bear spray. Contains absorbent foam to protect your bear spray and absorb any accidental discharge.


  • Fits both 225g and 325g canisters
  • Ideal for storage and transportation in vehicles or non-commercial aircraft
  • Absorbent foam lining 
  • Hard PVC plastic prevents punctures 
  • Screw top contains spray in the event of a discharge
  • 11.5" height x 3.75" diameter and weighs 0.4lbs (0.2kg)