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Bliz Hero Spare Lenses


Bliz offers a wide range of high quality extra lenses for our various sports glasses. Bliz glasses are designed to make it easy to change lenses for different weather and light conditions. All to maximize flexibility for you when you practice different sports. 


Clear: Filter Category 0. 

Pink: Filter Category 1. 

Smoke w Silver Mirror: Filter Category 3.

Brown w Blue Multi: Filter Category 3.

Brown w Rose Multi: Filter Category 3.

Nano Optics Nordic Light Begonia w Blue Multi: Filter Category 2.


Filter Category

0 = ❅☁ Dark conditions such as sunset, night, indoor, snowy or cloudy. LT 80-100%
1 = ☁ Flat light conditions, increase contrast and brighten up the landscape. LT 43-80%
2 = ☁☀ Increase contrast great for bright days, all round. LT 18-43%
3 = ☀ For bright conditions. LT 8-18%
4 = ☀☀ Exceptionally strong sunlight. LT 3-8%