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UltrAspire Formula 250

Luminous Blue

Performance depends on the intake of fuel that goes down well, feels good and rapidly converts to energy. Every body is unique and requires a different recipe. What is your secret formula? Mix a special sauce up and deliver with this. If GU is for you a few packs can go here too. Thanks to Formula 250.

With a large flow and flip top cap combination, this dishwasher safe, silicone bottle is perfect for water, energy drinks, gels or real food. The silicone material is durable, flexible, stain-resistant, taste and odour free. Use the bottom loop for hanging upside down to dry or attaching to gear. Shaped for quick easy stowage in and out of a race vest pocket and the rounded tear-dropped shape also makes it easier to clean and to use all the fuel inside. Collapses tiny when empty. Seamless design is easier to clean and enables every drop of the contents to be efficiently dispensed. This is the Formula 250.