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XACT Energy Bars


XACT ENERGY bars, a more natural way for you to replenish your energy so that you can keep going faster or longer, or even both. These bars are made from natural ingredients, taste great, are easy to eat and easily digestible. A tasty alternative to energy gels & chews.


  • Easy to eat, swallow and digest
  • Small compact format, ideal for on-the-go feeding
  • Stays soft and melts in your mouth, even in extreme heat
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Blackcurrant with Caffeine has an added 50mg of caffeine (from guarana extract), sodium, and potassium
  • E-Beet has added electrolytes and is high in iron
  • 100 calories, 25g carbohydrates, 10-15mg sodium (170mg in E-Beet, 60mg in Blackcurrant), 30mg potassium (50mg in Maple & Blackcurrant, 125mg in E-Beet) per bar

Base ingredients: Sugars (fruit pulp, sugar, glucose syrup), natural flavour, pectin, lemon juice.