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Glerups Slip-on Leather Sole - Unisex


Welcome to Glerups, natural comfort since 1993. This is barefoot comfort for home, cottage, chalet and camp. Toss in a pack for your sleepover or holiday. 100% natural wool, in fun colours. So light and packable you’ll wonder how you traveled without them. 100% pure wool and 100% no itch. Now available in new Cranberry. Natural comfort since 1993.

Glerups become you.

One unique characteristic of Glerups wool is its ability to mold to your feet—another reason to go sock-less! Glerups will adjust to your foot shape after just a few uses, making them more comfortable with every wear. 

Ease and cottage-style comfort all year 'round, perfect for our unpredictable Canadian weather. Hand-made in 100% pure wool by glerups, but then it's hands off! Just slip on The Slipper—barefoot—no bending or hands required, especially important where mobility is limited.


Barefoot is best.

Wool ‘breathes’ to keep feet comfortable no matter what the ambient temperature. Wool wicks moisture away from your skin, unlike synthetic man-made materials which impede this process and actually cause feet to sweat. Thanks to the felting process, fibre-to-skin is how wool works best. Sweaty feet have many unique characteristics we needn’t go into here!

This may come as a shock: No static electricity!

Many slippers generate static electricity. Not glerups. glerups generate compliments. That’s because Glerups are made of 100% pure natural wool with real leather soles. The double-layer inner sole also provides a durable and ultra-cushion in every step.