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long with being 100% water/airtight like our aLOKSAK, the OPSAK (Odor Proof barrier bag)  is also 100% odor proof. We use the same seal on our OPSAK that we use on our aLOKSAK, but we use film that contains a barrier so odors don’t permeate from the OPSAK. All of our bags, including the aLOKSAK are FDA approved. You can store food undetected to bears and other pests in your campsite by sealing them in the OPSAK. You can even pour boiling water into the OPSAK because of its extreme heat resistance, however, you cannot sit the bag in boiling water or a microwave. See below for product details.

User beware!  Do not contaminate the outside of the OPSAK when loading your food.