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Norrona Striped Mid Weight Beanie - Unisex

5700 Rhubarb

Norrøna signature beanie

Norrøna signature mid weight beanie.

Keep your head warm with this cosy mid-weight rib knitted Norrøna signature beanie that works just as well in the urban winter landscape as it does in the mountains

Use and Performance


Ski Touring: 6/6

Mountaineering: 6/6

Hunting General: 6/6

General Outdoor Adventures: 6/6

Casual Winter Protection: 6/6

Trekking: 6/6


Windproofness: 2/6

Insulation: 2/6

Breathability: 5/6

Durability: 4/6

Lightweight: 4/6

Elastic: 3/6

Moisture Management: 4/6

Product Details

Technical details

  • Weight 80 gr.
  • Style no: 1463-16



  • This wool can be traced back to the farm it comes from, and by that secure that the sheep are being treated well.