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Primus CampFire Knife


CampFire Knife is designed as a proper chefs knife with stainless steel blade and oak handle, but in a smaller size to suit an outdoor life. Thanks to the flexible blade, the knife fillet just as beautifully and easily as it cuts, chops and dyes. We would say it's a must in the gourmet chef's campsite pack, but works just as well at home as in the camper.


  • The stainless steel has a flexible blade suitable for chopping, slicing, and filleting
  • Durable oak handle offers a natural self-disinfectant effect
  • Comes with a durable cover, making transport safe
  • Available in 2 sizes


Size: 12cm  |  Dimensions: 8.5" length  |  Weight: 2.0oz
Size: 15cm  |  Dimensions: 10" length  |  Weight: 2.9oz