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Primus LiTech Fry Pan

LiTech Frying Pans are a perfect lightweight addition to any backpacking cooking assortment. These pans can fry, sauté, or simmer, just like at home by ensuring optimum heat distribution. The durable hard-anodized aluminum pan offers a ceramic non-stick coating that offers an easy cleanup in any environment. A stainless-steel handle locks in place while in use and then pivots under the pan to pack away. Comes with a cotton storage bag. Available in two sizes. LiTech Frying pan 21cm, feeds 1-2 while the LiTech Frying Pan 25cm can feed 2-4 people.


  • Lightweight hard-anodized aluminum frying pan with non-stick ceramic coating can add extra flavor to your backcountry meal
  • Can be combined with almost any stove/burner 
  • Large 25cm size can cook larger portions with ease 
  • Smaller 21cm size sears, blanches and fries a variety of foods with ease 
  • Packing up is a breeze with a collapsible handle that folds away under the pan


21cm Frying Pan
size: 8.5” | weight: 10.2oz | dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 2"
25cm Frying Pan
size: 10” | weight: 13.2oz | dimensions: 10 x 10 x 2"