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Silva Spectra Bar Mount

Spectra Bar Mount Kit allows you to mount Spectra Headlamp and Spectra Remote Control on to a handlebar.

The kit includes a robust bracket for the lamp unit and a flexible bracket for the remote control. The robust and stable lamp mount allows you to use your Spectra as a headlight or bike light on the handlebar and it is designed to fit handlebars with a diameter of 31.8-35 mm. Once the bracket is in place, the headlamp can easily be slided in or out of the snap socket with just a click. This attachment is compatible with Spectra A and Spectra O.

The bracket for the remote control unit fits handlebars with a diameter of 22-35 mm and is compatible with the Spectra Remote Control.


  • Mount kit for mounting Spectra lamp unit & remote control on to handlebars
  • 2 attachments included
  • Robust lamp bracket for handlebars with dimensions 31.8-35 mm
  • Flexible remote control bracket for handlebars or poles with a diameter of 22-35 mm