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SOL Mag Striker with Tinder Cord

The Mag Striker with Tinder Cord is an easy-to-use magnesium rod with an integrated ferrocerium flint. Scrape magnesium flakes into a pile with the 3-in-1 scraper, striker and bottle opener. Strike the flint to create a shower of sparks and ignite the flakes. Light a piece of the attached tinder cord to build your fire or light a stove.


  • The ferrocerium flint creates enough sparks to start over 100 fires and lights in all weather conditions
  • Easily ignite any tinder with magnesium flakes that burn up to 5400° Fahrenheit
  • The hardened steel striker also functions as a scraper and bottle opener
  • Always have reliable tinder on hand with the tinder cord’s waxed cotton core
  • Grip the robust handle even in cold weather
  • Weight: 2.88oz