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Petzl Stainless Bolt


Petzl anchors (hangers and bolts) use different types of steel to adapt the anchor to the
environment in which it is used:

• Standard steel, designed for interior uses or non-permanent installations.

Easy clipping
Featuring a large attachment hole, Petzl hangers facilitate clipping carabiners and allow two carabiners to be installed, even thick ones, in the same anchor.
Preventing connector wear Petzl hangers are characterized by high thickness, and rounded edges on the attachment holes. This construction minimizes wear on connectors, regardless of their material composition.
Hanger anti-rotation system Petzl hangers are textured on the back side that is in contact with the structure (concrete, rock...). This helps prevent the hanger turning when the anchor is being installed, or when it is heavily side-loaded in use.