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UltrAspire MBS Core, Synapse


The next size up from the Nerve, consider the Synapse when determining capacity needs and essentials. This single bottle element (includes bottle) has an additional large capacity zippered pocket to hold food and other items.

This is a MBS Core piece, which needs to be combined with a MBS Connector piece (sold separately). Choose a sized MBS Connector, typically worn anterior (front of waist) based on your waist or hip measurement.

Compatible MBS Connectors: Atom, Cell, Electron, Ionize, Neutron

Molecular Belt System (MBS)

Each Core option has the same footprint and/or width as every other Core option making each completely interchangeable without switching or changing Connector belts or length. Every Connector belt is completely interchangeable as well, which means one combination or configuration may be used for training and another for race day. Because of all the different Core and Connector options, you can rock up to 40 different combinations!

How to Choose & Assemble

Step 1: Choose a MBS Core option – each with the same footprint but equipped with a range of choices. Base your decision on the level and duration of your activity, hydration, support and supplement needs. The Core piece will typically be worn posterior (rear of waist).

Step 2: Choose a sized MBS Connector belt, typically worn anterior (front of waist) based on your waist or hip measurement. Base your choice of connector belts on additional personal support needs. Ask yourself: “What else do I need and want to take with me?” Choose the Connector that fits your answer.

Step 3: Assemble MBS Core with the MBS Connector belt. Locate the red Speed Hook, an aluminum hook specially designed to be adjustable and nonslipping and attach it to the loop on the left side of your MBS Core.