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UltrAspire 550 Race 2.0 Handheld

The 550 Race 2.0 Handheld improves upon the successes of its first iteration. UltrAcoolLight Mesh has been added for improved breathability and durability. Soft perimeter binding ensures the handheld remains comfortable over the long haul. The design keeps the handheld contour to the shape of our 550 UltraFlask hybrid bottle. The adjustment is quick and easy with no slip once set to your preferred size. A protective taping has been added to the end of the velcro to prevent any snagging or friction while running.


  • Ideal for racing and daily training
  • Super lightweight and squeezable
  • Natural conformation to hand
  • Provides stress relieving hand carriage
  • Unisex fit
  • Includes 550ml UltraFlask