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UnTapped Waffles


UnTapped's maple stroopwafels are the pinnacle of delicious athletic nutrition. Sweetened exclusively with maple syrup and maple sugar, and using real ingredients to develop tastes that we all know and love. An all-natural, organic, vegan, Kosher snack to power you through each day's adventures.

Baseline Ingredients: Wheat Flour*, Pure Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar*, Sustainably Produced Palm Fruit Oil*, Invert Maple Syrup*, Soy Flour*, Sea Salt, Rice Extract*, Soy Lecithin, Baking Soda. *ORGANIC. Contains: Wheat, Soy.

Maple: The answer to pleas of “I need a waffle with my syrup!”. Has its roots in the Dutch stroopwafel but is sweetened and flavored exclusively with real Maple syrup and Maple sugar.

Coffee: When you don’t have time to have a cup of coffee with your waffle, have your coffee in your waffle. Boosted with a touch of real coffee. Additional ingredients: Coffee Beans*.

Raspberry: A great superfood combo – pure maple syrup and real raspberries. Each waffle has five raspberries packed inside. Additional ingredients: Raspberries*.

Chai: Real chai spices, not flavored. This fresh take on the classic maple stroopwafel has been likened to grandma's famous gingerbread cookies. Additional ingredients: Masala Chai Spices*.

Lemon: Crisp, real lemons are balanced by just the right amount of pure maple syrup. This light zesty treat will brighten your day with every bite. Additional ingredients: Lemons*.