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Icebug Reuse v1 Biosole

Steel Blue

Reuse v1 Biosole 


A soft and comfortable sneaker for city walks and everyday life, with a fresh approach to upcycling great materials.

Reuse is the perfect city sneaker for the everyday life of people with sustainable minds. The soft and comfortable denim upper together with the cushioning BUGforce™ EVA midsole with BLOOM® foam makes this shoe super comfortable. The Biosole rubber outsole is made by a large part natural rubber, and combines the right amount of traction with abrasion resistance and comfort.

- Soft and stylish denim upper
- BUGforce™ midsole
- Biosole™ outersole

Sustainable highlights:
- Upper from Nudie Jeans denim leftovers.
- Upper 98% organic GOTs certified cotton.
- Lining bluesign®, 100% Recycled PET, solution dyed.
- Biosole™ outsole, with 62% natural rubber.
- Midsole compound made of 20% BLOOM® foam EVA.
- Heel / Toe: Milspeed, 11-12% recycled fishing nets, 45-48% recycled polyethylene.
Last: Wide
Studs: Non-studded
Usage: Walking
Insole: Removable. Ortholite Hybrid, lined with bluesign® 100% recycled and solution dyed PET polyester
Lining: 100% recycled GRS certified PET Polyester.
Midsole: BUGforce™ EVA with 20% BLOOM® Foam
Outersole: Biosole™, with 62% natural rubber
Upper Part: 98% organic cotton Denim from textile manufacturer leftovers.
Water Protection: Water resistant


In the Biosole™ outsole, natural rubber replaces synthetic rubber and reduces oil dependency. Natural rubber has about half the climate impact of synthetic rubber. Biosole™ contains 62% natural rubber, 7% synthetic rubber and 31% non-oil based fillers and agents. The rubber compund provides good traction all year around and stays soft at all temperatures. It has excellent abrasion properties, making the sole last longer.