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Norrona Lumberjack Beanie - Unisex

Two layer rib wool beanie

Designed to cover your ears when in rough weather, but with the option to roll up for the ultimate street smart look.

Use and Performance 


Ski Touring: 6/6

Hunting General: 6/6

General Outdoor Adventure: 6/6

Casual Winter Protection: 6/6

Trekking: 5/6


Windproofness: 4/6

Insulation: 4/6

Breathability: 4/6

Durability: 5/6

Lightweight: 3/6

Elastic: 3/6

Moisture Management: 4/6

Product Details

Technical details

  • Weight 101 gr.
  • Style no: 1485-14



  • This wool can be traced back to the farm it comes from, and by that secure that the sheep are being treated well.