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Primus Openfire Pan - Large

This unique Pan provides unlimited options for open fire cooking - stir fry, grill, or use as a camp griddle! And it allows you to enjoy your campfire while preparing your next meal. Made for outdoor cooking with a three-layer construction - two layers of stainless steel with an aluminum core - it heats evenly across the entire pan, is durable, easy-to-clean, and is scratch (and corrosion) resistant. The unique shape handles pancakes, eggs, vegetables and steaks‚ separately or all at once. Side handles for easy pan adjustment over the fire. Place it on any grill or screw the legs on and place directly over the fire. Cooking over an open fire is more than just preparing a hot meal, it's the experience of the dancing flames, a specific taste and smell, and cozy warmth. The Open Fire Pan allows you to enjoy your campfire from breakfast to dinner. Partner with Kamoto. A portable fire pit that offers leave-no-trace campfires and open fire cooking anywhere. The Open Fire Pan Small is perfect for the Kamoto Small, while the Open Fire Pan Large fits the Kamoto Large. OPEN FIRE TIPS: Always check local fire restrictions prior to building a campfire. Unlimited cooking options: all-in-one wok, fry, grill or griddle.


  • Unique size and shape gives you a variety of cooking options and easy handling
  • Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, easy to clean, and will handle years of use
  • Aluminum core ensures optimal heat distribution and even cooking
  • Two side handles for easy handling
  • Detachable legs allow the pan to be placed directly over the fire or removed for slim packing and double as additional handles when attached from above
  • Special lug leg attachment doesn't clog with soot while the rectangular crosscut legs allow for a better grip when attaching/removing the legs.
  • Invented in Sweden


Article number P738051
Material Stainless Steel
Height mm 250
Weight g 4400